GTA San Andreas High Compressed WORKING-PlaTiNuM + Full ISO


You can use the coffee mod
The PC version comes on DVD only and is packaged with a fully bound book that serves as the manual. It's definitely some of the coolest PC game packaging around. This version also has the potential to be the best-looking version of the game by a long shot. Support for higher resolutions makes the textures and characters look sharper and much better than either of the console versions. There's a draw distance slider that, when turned all the way up, almost totally eliminates the draw-in and fogging that's become synonymous with the series. Your Grove Street home looks much more like a run-down South Central neighborhood when you can see more of its surroundings. But all this graphical quality is offset by some serious problems with the sound. Testing on three different machines that exceed the recommended system specs got us three results. On one machine, we didn't experience any audio glitches. On another, the audio simply cut out a lot, leaving you to drive around with only music to keep you company. It's tough to play when you can't hear your mission descriptions. On the third machine, loading up a save game caused a loud grating noise--which sounded like the bike-riding audio mixed with a helicopter--to scream out from the middle of the Grove. We had to hop in a car and drive away from the area to make the noises stop. Also, the cutscenes occasionally desynched from the audio, making the lip movement appear to be way off.

Download links:


1.Download the file TheGuild2a1_Demo.exe to any folder.
2. In the folder where TheGuild2a1_Demo.exe is downloaded to goto:
Tools>folder options>view>uncheck hide extensions for known file types and change the file name to any file name with a .rar extension.(example: gta.rar) then extract and run setup.bat.
3. run gta:sa.exe to play

If you are such a bigger gamer below is Full ISO:
Download links: [DEAD - Checked by Open door...]

Note it will ask you to find a file GTA_SA_D.DBD it in cd drive:\BIN\GTA_SA_D.DBD

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