Sexy Beach 3 - 18+ [Full Mod - Platinum Pack]

Release Date: TBA
Exclusively on: PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Illusion
Developer: Illusion
Release detail: http://katt.it/387e18

The premise of Sexy Beach 3 is simple: there is a beautiful island called Sexy Island; you, the nameless hero of the game, have just won a trip to the island in a lottery. As you check in the local hotel, you find out that there are six lovely girls inhabiting the island. These girls are characters fromother Illusion games: Esk from Des Blood 4, Eo from A-GA, etc. You will have to date those girls and eventually have sex with them.
The game plays very similarly to Sexy Beach 2, but adds more locations, improved interface and interaction, quicker date pacing, etc. In the beginning, you don't have much to do but to watch the girls doing whatever they like doing. After several game days, the girls will begin to like you. Eventually, you'll be able to bring them to your hotel and to have sex with them. You'll be able to choose various positions for the sex. You can also unlock swimming suits and accessories, and dress the girls up. Like its predecessor, the game allows you to rotate and zoom the camera freely.

::. (Illusion) Sexy Beach 3 Platinum Pack .::

Download link(s):

(UL 500MB/link)

(iMirror - Extabit)

(iMirror - For backup only)
This is encrypted: ***

Password: www.gameloo.info

Sexy Beach 3 with with Plus, Gravure, Flash, Xmas, Valentine and Cosplay Addons. With all the files needed to translate, crack and uncensor.
No need to change anything on your Windows to make it work. See the instructions.txt to see how to proceed.

This pack includes:
- The 3 clean installed folders of Sexy Beach 3, Sexy Beach 3 Plus and Sexy Beach 3 Gravure. Flash and Xmas applied using the AppLocale method. Made this way to avoid trouble with mods, since is also a backup.
- Exported registries from the installation. Using Windows XP RegEdit. That should be the only trouble that you can get, since this registry may not work in all systems. But isn't that hard to do yourself! (Also there is a jpeg of the registry to use as a example).
- Valentine 1.0 and Cosplay 1.1 addon made by Wurlox and darkhoud.
- Ecchi CGs uncensor by took.
- English Patch Installer 3.3 by InquisitorNik
- A copy of the Sexy Beach 3 Wiki Guide.

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