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Fallout 3 - Mod Pack v2.0

Fallout 3 - Fileplanet Mod Pack v2.0  [www_fileplanet_com]
{"Use as backup purpose only"}

Author: Various Authors
Size: 1,226.6 MB
Created: 11/14/2008
Updated: 1/16/2009

Lightsabres, more mutants, bosses and bikinis, not to mention other rad stuff.

Fileplanet has released a new Modpack, but you need to wait in line for about half an hour before you even start the download. So I bothered to upload these links for you. There's a ton of new content included here and I'm sure you'll love it. Here some information of what's in the pack: 


Fallout 3 - Fileplanet Mod Pack v2.0 Details:

This is a collection of all Fallout 3 addons and mods on Fileplanet for one simple download. It includes files that improve the original game with better game music, special characters, weapons, skins, and essential gameplay mods. Pick and choose the mods or addons

  • Buildings and hangouts
  • New custom quests with new bosses
  • Special custom made weapons
  • Graphical improvements and HD texture upgrades
  • Utilities to help install, build, and manage mods.
  • Level, perks, and EXP mods
  • Weapons mods and skins.
  • Skins, uniforms, outfits

Download link(s):


(iMirror – megaupload)

(iMirror – adrive)

Q. Is there a way to get some mods out of the game without having to uninstall the whole game cause my dad got pissed about the bikini one?
A. Sure, just go to "documents\my games\fallout 3", open Fallout.ini and change "bInvalidateOlderFiles=1" to "bInvalidateOlderFiles=0", then in the game launcher open Data files and uncheck everything except of Fallout3.esm, that should do it!

Q. Is this stand-alone?
A. No, you’ll need Fallout 3 to play:

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