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BoneTown (18+)

In BoneTown we live by the Three F's, Fucking, fighting, and getting fucked up. Restraint is not a word often used here, and you leave your inhibitions all over the first chick you bone. In BoneTown, Sex on the Beach is more than just a drink, it's what you're about to do with that blonde in the short skirt, and all night drug binges, bar brawls, and partying until you drop are a way of life. So kick back, hang out, and enjoy, because this here's BoneTown, and we ain't following no laws.
BoneTown (18+)

NOTE: The game has not been fully cracked till now. But per request, I tried to put all pieces together here, and hope someone can further solve the mystery :)
- PC RPG Sex Game
- Free Roaming Sandbox Style Adult Video Game
Minimum System Requirements:
- Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
- Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+
- 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7)
- 3 GB hard drive space
- 128 MB of Video Memory
- Video Card supporting Pixel Shader 2.0
- DVD-ROM drive (for box version only)

screen 1 screen 2 screen 3 screen 4

Download link(s):
(10+ hostings 500MB/link)
(iMirror - UL)
Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed the issue with the screen not fading in after getting turned down by chick bosses
  • Replaced terrains for Boardwalk and Man Island
  • Added camera invert to options in the controls menu
  • The issue with the Radeon HD cards and red lines has been resolved
  • Characters floating during the wobbly H has been fixed
  • Characters spawning inside other characters in fantasy mode has been fixed
    Not 100% Crack (replace the game .exe):
    • Then, Go to you're bonetown folder/game/data/missions and
      delete "BoardwalkDemo.mis" then rename "Boardwalk.mis" to "BoardwalkDemo.mis"
      then delete "BeachBarDemo.mis" and rename "BeachBar.mis" to "BeachBarDemo.mis
    • Full Nudity: Just delete VajStar from BoneTown\game\data\items\textures\
      Delete YellowNipStars from \BoneTown\game\data\chicks\characters\textures\
      And censoredStar from BoneTown\game\data\items\textures\
Note: This method will get you to play the missions and explore bonetown but in the game. There is no mouth movement when the person is talking in mission, no power up move except the current on in demo, no music except when in missionary beach and when saving outside missionary beach you will automatically start there when loading a game. But its still playable.

torrent & save:
Bone Town save file V2 includes: Ball size 50
Attack power 50
Lots of money
Lots of drugs
Unlocks all special attack
Weed pipe lvl 7 (moon jump)
How to use:
Place the file in [root]:/User/[username]/AppData/Roaming/BoneTown/savegames

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BoneTown (18+) Reviewed by Robinhood Java on 10:01:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. rapidshare only premium members after the SOPA and PIPA suck laws... please send me by mail the Bone Town save file V2 on:

  2. I have added 10+ hosting to every link above, bro.

  3. ok tnx for the reply... i do all but i have a problem... i unlock all powermotes but works only the beer powermote. the others don`t work when i press SHIFT+left click... and that`s a big problem because i must have the thunder powermote (power of frogs drug) for complete the mission in downtown (christian missions)...can you help me bro?? :( sorry for my poor english

  4. whats the password because " " in anyform doesnt work

  5. Try to type in. Anyway, password to what, game or crack?

  6. i've downloaded all three parts but it says i need to enter a serial for online activation

  7. please can help me someone?? :(

  8. wth is the password to unrar the game the provided one doesnt work

  9. Dont copy and paste, type in to avoid the end space.

  10. How come keyboard don't work when i type?

  11. i did everything and it works but mission 1 is the only mission i have

  12. Have you applied the new patch and crack? What error you got?

  13. what is the password for crack? its asking for password as its encrypted. 

  14. what is the password?

  15. Password:

    Again don't copy; try type it in.

  16. BlublblublblablbloblApril 23, 2012 at 6:27 AM

    Are you retarded?

  17. BlublblublblablbloblApril 23, 2012 at 1:20 PM


  18. what is the winrar file password bonetown game?

  19. It's censored, yo. Any way to change that?

  20. powers not working help


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