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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne [DOTA] [GARENA ONLINE] - PORTABLE

Published by: Blizzard Entertainment / Vivendi Games
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: July 1, 2003
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Rating: 9.2

Warcraft 3 expansion pack, detailing more of the story as new factions arise, and old heroes are transformed. Players return to war-ravaged Azeroth months after the defeat of the Burning Legion, to face a new threat. Each race features an added hero with new abilities and spells. New shops, which the player can build for specific races, keep units supplied with items. Multiplayer modes have been extended to include new clan and tournament support, among other new games. Neutral Heroes can be persuaded to join in the fight and add new abilities and magic spells to the player's arsenal.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne [DOTA] [GARENA ONLINE] - PORTABLE

  • One new hero per race, each possessing powerful spells and magical abilities; a host of new units, each equipped with new abilities and spells, giving players the opportunity to create diverse strategic and tactical forms of combat; player built shops, unique for each race, equipped with items carefully designed to improve and aid the units of every race; neutral heroes, available for recruitment by all players, that can supplement and strengthen a player's army with all new spells and abilities; expanded multiplayer options over including multiple new game types, clan and tournament support.

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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos + The Frozen Throne expansion + DOTA maps Game Folder.
Simply unzip and play. Great game to play over lan and Garena Plus.


Sign Up for garena, download the client.
2.Open the program after installation, log in and select War3 RPG on the left-hand side.
3.Join any of your country's room and click 'settings' which is ontop of the chat box where you type.
4.A box should pop up and then click 'War3 RPG' under 'LAN Games' on the left-hand side.
5.Click 'browse' which is under 'executable settings' and select the .exe file of Frozen Throne.
6.Click ok and after that 'Start Game.'
7.Frozen Throne should then open up.
8.Click 'local area network' and there should be a few rooms, if not move to another room in Garena.
9.Join And Play!!

If you have problem not seeing any game or got kicked out during the game start, you might want to ask what version your host is using. Then you can use Version Switcher & Map here:
If you have issue with lag when playing on your Laptop, try -openGL. More information about the Bootstrap Parameters in Garana for Dota is here: and how to play in -windowed mode is here:

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne [DOTA] [GARENA ONLINE] - PORTABLE Reviewed by gofree on 8:55:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. how to download the game i not know where to click

  2. If you want to play it full screen in your laptop, get the app here:


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