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Biko 3 [English & Uncensored] 18+

The third game in Biko series is once again a 3D "stalking simulator". You control Takumi, an ordinary Japanese guy who likes following and observing pretty girls. Your goal is to "conquer" five girls, in one of the two possible ways: either to have a relationship with them and to win their love, or to stalk them successfully and to rape them. To do that, you have to walk, run, and crouch in order to remain unnoticed for a certain time.

The five girls are: the dark-haired schoolgirl Rin; the redhead nurse Reiko; the blond ninja Chris; the uniformed waitress Mayu; and Mio, who is a miko (a girl who serves in a Japanese shinto shrine).

Biko 3 [English & Uncensored][3].jpg (320×500)

* Complete uncensoring of all the 3D sex-scenes and extra-scenes
* High definition textures
* Uncensoring of CG stills (thanks, zk1111!!)
* Includes the previous English patch and No_CD patch (thanks, 3DHGAME team!)

Download link(s):

(extabit 500MB/link) CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part1.rar CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part2.rar CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part3.rar

(iMirror - uploaded)

(iMirror – netload)

(iMirror - billionuploads)

(For backup only)
This is encrypted: ***


Uncensored patch (included in the main download):

Or 15+ hostings:

Readme.txt Contents

By Alessi & Took
This is the Mk.I version of the definitive Biko3 uncensored patch.
This patch must be used ONLY over a fresh and unpatched version of Biko3,
as it includes the english and no_cd patch already in existence,
so no more patching is needed.

* readme.txt - this file
* Biko3Fix.exe - fix utility
* Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe - patch utility
* bk3_Yellow.b3f - complete savegame (optional)

1. Fresh-install the game only. DONT APPLY ANY PATCH.
1. Unpack the contents in a temp folder (i.e.: C:\temp)
2. Copy the two executable files, Biko3Fix.exe and Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe,
to the installation folder of the game (i.e.: C:\Biko3\)
3. Execute the fix utility (Biko3Fix.exe). This will take a couple of seconds.
4. Execute the patch (Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe).
Follow the instructions, and wait until the patching process ends (can take some time).
5. Done.
Next, run the game, using the newly created NewBiko3.exe.
OPTIONAL: You can copy the file bk3_Yellow.b3f included here to the \data folder (i.e.: C:\Biko3\data\) for unlocking all the CGs and end scenes.

* Fixing some mesh problem issues in Rin rape-scene (doggy pose).
* Add dicks?

Thanks to zk1111, for her magnificent work uncensoring some CG still images!
Thanks to Aman, for helping me fixing the 3d objects in no time!
Thanks to the guys of 3DHGAME (specially Ryuu and zsee6) for all the previous work done...
And thanks to all people that helps in the creation of this patch, in one way or another.

Please thanks/subscribe to encourage more like this

Biko 3 [English & Uncensored] 18+ Reviewed by Defensive Pro on 8:03:00 PM Rating: 5


  1. The BitShare files are corrupted, you son of a bitch! As you leave the corrupted filesfor the others go down, its tail? Go make up your ass!

  2. could you tell me the password ? I try but it didn't work. in the comment said it is the password for the patch only and should check the post, but the post shows the same

  3. Try type the password in. Don't copy and paste to avoid the end space.

  4. hey thx for the answer Gofree, try it again but the result still shows " CRC failed in encrypted file ' Biko.3 CD 1.iso.' Wrong password ? " any idea ?

  5. Them use Test Archive in Winrar to see which part is corrupted. Redownload will fix. 
    I also just tested, all working fine.

  6. this is the result :

    and if I try to open the biko3fix.exe the windows pop out and says it has encountered a problem

  7. Cz at my end it works. The last thing I recommend is to redownload > save to different location > test and extract.

  8. wrong password..?

  9. Make sure to type it in to avoid the end space.

  10. It doesn't work for me, when I click start game it's only close

  11. 2'nd part of bitshare is missing

  12. Use iMirror links, they are the same.

  13. Glumbo Upload is keep getting eror here , But Thx to Rapidshare link still active. Thx.

  14. Got a new problem , It asking CD 2

    Enlightement plizzz

  15. Sory , it's finally working. I forgot to extract the 2'nd CD. Time 2 Play~ Thx.

  16. Great to hear all working. Yes, this game is freaking awesome !

  17. Hi, Could someone refresh/repost the links? need Prenium Account :/
    Bitshare Part 1 OK, all other links are dead :'(

    Thanks a lot :)

  18. please re-uplode links


  19. Links are still working fine. Try again.

  20. Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)

  21. Don use Rapidshare, it's so shitty now.

  22. This post is old... years old. believe me I Know it, I downloaded this years ago on an old Dell Netbook and well fast forward to now I backed up the files and reinstalled them on my new Sony Laptop running Windows 8.1 and the game works. After running the game, I forgot about the patches. I went back and installed them but now the game crashes right as it gets to the game start screen. I was wondering if anybody could provide any possible advice on a game that works on a new OS but crashes after the patches are installed.


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