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Sth to Do with Too Awesome PC Games (PIRATES SAY NO PIRATE)

We would like to announce that we will not upload PC games which will cease the development. Some games are just too awesome to pirate like ‘MINECRAFT,… (well, I decided not to name more)’ as these games have been developed using flesh and blood for just to make a living; and some of these developers are a one man who gave up his job for his productivity.

No more trash mumbling, will stop uploading any PC game that developed by an individual, small companies or costs less than $5.00 or has yet made millions $$$. So if you encounter any of them uploaded, as we might have missed, kindly report to us for the removal; but please with the detail information to back it up!
Sth to Do with Too Awesome PC Games (PIRATES SAY NO PIRATE) Reviewed by Defensive Pro on 3:45:00 AM Rating: 5

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    Well I agree with you totally would have even buy them myself but one thing I want to ask of you if there is a game really worth my cash can you post only the info about it no link to download.. maybe to site if it has oneBut only truely worthy games not any indie even wait like half a year to check if its good and only then post some info (I dont really look for games not on this site, for me if you didnt put them here they are just not good enough)


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