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How to run ISO Games on your PSP ?

Sony’s Playstation Portable or PSP has revolutionized gaming on the go. PSP has escalated hand held gaming to a level that no other console can match in the market currently. Let us be honest, people can barely afford a PSP and buying games is an additional burden. Spending money time and time again is something no gamer likes. Fortunately, there are alternatives. The alternative is to modify your PSP to run downloadable psp games. These games are usually in ISO or CSO format. The data from the UMDs are cloned on to an image file.

PSP is also a total one stop media destination. It can also be used to watch movies and play music. It can also be used to download the game directly onto your psp. All you need to do is look for a site that provides psp isos for download and download the title of your choice.

How to run ISO Games on your PSP ?

Download psp games is a very ideal alternative to buying games. A normal game can be finished easily in a matter of weeks. Then you are either have to save for a new game or play the old one. It’s a total turn off. Thanks to these sites that provide  PSP Downloadable ISO Games, one doesn’t really need to buy titles off the store.

To run this game you need to downgrade your firmware. A detailed guide on how to go about this is usually available on the download site. It is pretty simple and straight forward. Make sure the ISO game is compatible with your psp to avoid frustrating issues later. Also ensure you are downloading the game from a trusted source, you really don’t want to regret on that front later. The file size of the downloadable images range from 50 Megabytes to two Gigabytes. It all depends upon the complexity of the game. It helps to have a fast internet to download these games. You would also require a larger memory stick to store multiple games. You really don’t want to be shuffling from memory stick to stick while playing your game.
To conclude, you don’t need to buy titles on a daily basis because you can download them. You might need to downgrade your psp to run these games. The procedure to download is very simple. Having a fast internet to download these files helps.

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