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2012 Round-Up: Top 15 PC Games and “For backup only” Links

Hope this is not too late to put my hand (I have only one real hand, you know how much I take) on the top 15 pc games downloaded from Well, you may ask why not Top 10 PC Games in 2012 as a standard title?! Yes, it’s standard to select top 10 most rated pc games to sum up each year like in 2011 Round-Up, but in 2012 there are a lot of great games pouring in like rain - choosing only 10 most played pc games would have killed me inside as it seems not so fair to the others popular pc games that I have been playing all weekends :)

Let’s roll!!!

2012 Round-Up: Top 15 PC Games

1. Dishonored
2. Far Cry 3
3. Max Payne 3
4. Borderlands 2
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
6. Mass Effect 3
7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
8. Torchlight II
9. Sleeping Dogs
10. Darksiders II
11. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
12. Assassin’s Creed III
13. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai
14. Alan Wake 2012
15. ? And that #15 should go to “Diablo III” ?

In consideration “Diablo III:“ is really one of my favorites and would have been #1, the issue is till now the game has not been fully cracked by any scene yet - what’s a shame! If we remember correctly, StarCraft II: Wing of Liberty with similar protection was long properly cracked by the scene and ranked #1 in 2010 Round-up.

To say the least, these above rating is based on the number of downloads in and my personal opinion with a few hours of gameplay only so they might not be in your particular order of taste.  I’d be really awaiting to see how you put together your top rating pc games and share them here - sure, with all of us.

Now let’s roll to anther topic. Jeez… 2 topics in the same thread, what the fk are you getting up to ‘gofree’!?

What is (iMirror - for backup only) ?

“For backup only” Links

“iMirror - for backup only links are interchangeable links used for re-uploading the dead files in The Loo sites.”

Like other Loo Family’s sites, has employed this backup technique to help most downloaders who have slow internet connection and cannot complete their download before the files are removed or suspended by the hostings. With the backup files hosted in premium accounts like Rapidshare / Netload / FileCloud, we can ensure to re-upload the files when needed super fast to allow you to continue your downloads without any worry of wasted bandwidth and time. But remember these premium accounts cost a lot of money and to avoid accounts banned by using too much space, we will delete the files after a few months of storing as backups.

By this mean, we really hope that you will help us by donating a fraction of your hard-earn money to help pay for the premium storing space, and together we rejoice .

We would also like to extend our gratitude to ‘Nightmarekiller’ and other donators who have helped us a long the way last year.

You can find the PayPal donation button on the right sidebar:
Donate now to see us dance in joy ;)


*Hope you enjoy your reading, but if you don’t just pretend you do, plz. plz. think about the upcoming weekends then.

Admin Team @

*If you are interested in writing articles for, please contact me in the comment form - your opinion can be in words here!

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