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Get Your Invitation to Post in Our Blog

We are pleased to invite you to post in our following blogs. You can just leave your email here in this format to avoid spamming ‘youremail [@] gmail [.] come’ in the comment form below or if you can email directly to me ‘gofree.sing [dot] gmail [.] com’ for faster invitation which is supposed to be within 48h.
If you are using Themaposter v.2.03 then our four blogs: SoftwareLoo, Musicloo, Movieloo and Adultloo are already included as built-in forums for you to just enter your username and password to start posting right away. But if you don’t have one, you can use Windows Live Writer or through Blogger itself.
Get Your Invitation to Post in Our Blog
We have no weird rules like others, just do what you do as an uploader. If you are doing all right, you will be invited to post in GameLoo too and rewards with 3 Months of LeafLeech Basic Plan to get you started seriously!
Q1. Is there a shortcut to join?
A1. Yes, there is. We have a rewards program at where you can earn points fast and get a lot of rewards there.
Q2. How many posts do I need to make per week to keep my account alive?
A2. There is no minimum requirement here. But if you want to get selected for rewards, then do your best.
Q3. Do I need to include anything in my upload like password to the blog I posted or any .nfo file?
A3. Damn, no. We do encourage putting no password or use your nick as a password if you want.
Q4. Does posting duplicated release allowed?
A4. Yes, duplicate release is allowed but with your own uploads. Yet, if you can see somebody already have the fans why not just post your own links there in the comment form, so you don’t need to make another thread!
Q5. Do I require to follow certain guidelines for my post format?
A5. No. Create any layout as you wish. However, try make your post as unique as possible - differentiate yourself from other posters will give yourself an identity and is sure to attract a lot of loyal fans.
Q6. What is the benefit to join posting here in the first place?
A6. We are a community with solid build and integrity. We have a lot of fans and reputation among the brotherhoods, so you are pretty sure that  your posts will be exposed to many visitors that are always seeking for us.

Hope I have answered a few of you questions, but if not comment it out or contact me.
Happy sharing,
Gofree Sing
TheLoo Admin Team
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  1. hiroshimamovies[@]gmail[.]com


    well not gmail but hotmail can count too :P

  3. Yes, it will. Check your email.



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