Do You Like Fun? The Fun Is Here with Mr. Gear


Do you like fun? The fun is here! You, Mr. Gear, have decided to travel around the world. Drive through the green hills and take on the desert dunes. This amazing game is for those who love fun, speed, excitement, and drive. Playing it, you’ll have a lively time and develop your gaming skills simultaneously.

Do You Like Fun? The Fun Is Here with Mr. Gear

Game specifics:

  • The game is appropriate for all age groups. You can easily pass a level by collecting a minimum number of stars. You can also challenge yourself by collecting all the stars.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an experienced gamer; this game is fun for everyone to play.
  • The game comes in 2 parts and 15 different levels with great graphics and increasing difficulty.
  • You can use your collected stars to unlock new levels.
  • Easy, user friendly controls allow enjoying the game fully. All you have to do is touch the screen, and in-game hints will help you get the hang of it.

Do you want to take part in this thrilling adventure? Mr. Gear is waiting for you to begin the quest together!

"Super. Great game to fill in time."
Eugeny Lomonosov

"5/5 Cool stuff. Very pleasant and subtle."
Alexander Kiselev


Be ready to test your gaming skills in this fun, thrilling, easy, and at the same time challenging game – Mr. Gear.

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