Got Dead Links?

As you can see some links have been expired or cut off which will then direct you to the missing downloads. To fix this, I have put together a few simple steps to laugh your way to the working downloads again with the most awesome Short URL Service by where you can shorten the links and make money your way with your own ads! (Currently this feature is for invites only)
How to Make Unworked Links Work Again in The Loo Sites

What we will do:

We will auto replace those unworked domains using auto-replace on page load with the working domain by changing all the words ‘v-link .co .cc', ‘pro-links .co .cc’, and ‘vv-link .co .cc’ with the word ‘’ ; for '' you just replace it with '' whenever the Loo sites are open. At the end of this read, you will improve your another skill as a pirate!

First talk about the requirement:

  • Firefox 3.0 – 7.*
  • Permission to install Add-on
  • Pirate skill!

Second, let’s kick off:

  • Start your FireFuck (Oop! It’s FireFox)
  • Brows to a so-called add-on ‘FoxReplace
  • Click ‘Add to Firefox’ > Allow it to install (it has been approved by the FireFox, so it’s clean)
  • Restart your FireFox browser; don’t restart your system as it is not needed Smile
  • Find this new add-on to get to its Option (see this screen and this screen if you have hard time finding it, but try your way first as a pirate! Dju 12b a pirate?)
  • Click ‘Add’ and enter all the Loo website domains with wildcard (*). This tells the addon to only substitute our defined words / phrase in the Loo sites only. (screen:
  • Move to ‘Substitutions’ tab, then enter the words / phrases / domains you want to replace (screen again little pirate: Don’t forget to check ‘Replace HTML’ to get a better result).
  • Click ‘OK’ and remember to check ‘Auto-replace on page load’ if you have not done so. (Hehhe, do you need the screen?)
  • Click ‘OK’ again to complete the process. Now you can return to the Loo sites and refresh and watch the show of those unworking links get to work again, fker! (No I meant fk the links)

The final thought:

Now you know this can be done easily not only with the Loo sites, but with any sites you plan to pirate!

No more funny words to joke around, now START PIRATING!
The Loo Lover
Who doesn’t need the LOO?!

PS: Are you using Google Chrome? Use this extension: Search and Replace

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