Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD -SKIDROW & BLACKBOX REPACK

Title: Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft Sofia
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: 16 Jan 2014

Introducing Assassin’s Creed® Liberation HD, the striking chapter of the pre-American Revolution Assassin’s Creed saga which arrives for the first time on HD consoles and PC. With improved gameplay, a deeper story, and HD graphics, Liberation is an immersive and full Assassin’s Creed experience. The year is 1765.

    As Aveline, an Assassin of mixed French and African heritage, you must use your skill, instinct and weaponry – including a machete, poison-dart blowpipe, a whip and duelling pistols – to hunt down and eliminate your enemies.
    Feast your eyes on a richly detailed world, thanks to the AnvilNext engine which features groundbreaking physics, animation and innovative combat system. Outmaneuver your enemies in the Louisiana bayou with the unique Tree Navigation system, and eliminate them from above with deadly precision. Deep dive under water as you search for lost Mayan treasures, but stay alert; the hostile wilderness and humid swamps are full of menacing animals.
    Taking full advantage of its new hardware, Liberation HD introduces graphical improvements such as high-dynamic-range (HDR) rendering, high definition environments and characters, updated cinematics the sum of which delivers a complete graphic overhaul of the title. The gameplay experience has been revamped too with updated missions that improve the pacing, new missions that dive deeper into Aveline’s story, and updated world design for more gameplay options during mission. Finally, a particular attention was given to the audio with re-mastered music and all-new SFX.

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Ass Effect - 2013

Year: 2013
Genre : RPG, 3DCG, Sci-Fi, Anal sex, Group sex
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher : Hawke Jani
Platform : PC / Windows
Publication Type : Informal
Medicine: Not required
Language Game : English
Language : English
Sound language : None

System requirements : Windows XP / Vista / 7
Intel Pentium IV (2.0 GHz) / AMD Athlon XP 2200 +

Ass Effect - 2013

Another game made ​​RPG Maker VX Ace, but in English and in the universe of Mass Effect! Playing for the unknown hero , walking along the way by completing quests and enticing representatives of other races.


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3D SexVilla 2 + The Klub 17 7.4.9 + Official Mega packs for TK17 V7.X

Developer / Publisher : thriXXX
Platform : PC / Windows
Publication Type : Informal
Version: 7.4.9

Release Date The Klub 17 : 2012/12/11
Release Date Official Mega packs for TK17 V7.X ( Peresobran for compatibility with The Klub 17 7.4.9 ) : 2012/12/11
Genre : 3D, Simulator, ADV, Constructor, Blowjob, Group sex, BDSM, Big tits, Anal, All sex

3D SexVilla 2 + The Klub 17 7.4.9 + Official Mega packs for TK17 V7.X

Language : English
Sound language : English
System requirements :
• OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
• Processor: 1 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon, or better
• Memory: 512 MB ??or more
• Screen Resolution: 1024x768 pixels or higher
• Video: 3D graphics processor with 64 MB
• Other: OpenGL 1.1 or DirectX 8.1 or newer
• Internet Connection: Cable or DSL
• Storage: at least 250 MB free hard drive space

Description : Version 7.4.9

Fixed: ( rough translation )
- Fixed assistant faces no details of the error .
- Fixed a male thong color error .
- Fixed constraints with a high heel sandals.
- Fixed a doctor coats , men and men Kill Bill pirate coat fashion .
- All of these things have been removed from the latex option, because the fashion bug textures ;
fan on top, on top of the police , baroque pants, pajama pants , top pit babe
well baby boots , Baroque top, " Necklace 06" , leather crotch boots and studded neckbands.
- Separated skirts from the pants cat (see note).
- Added missing label on one of the casual dress.

Official Mega packs for TK17 V7.X
-We updated the mega pack V1.1 (for V6), so to be compatible for V7,
-ie by renaming some files like the rooms and hair to the new format,
-also we added more contents.


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Top 10 Addicting Sex Games - 3D Adult Flash Games Collection V.1 (18+)

You've just stumbled across a treasure trove of adult-themed games. Together we put 10 most addicting adult games of all times here in one sex games package. Very few sex games here are censored and Japanese, but still are showing you supper sexy boobs and butts. Most of these addicting games are uncensored and English with 3D flash games beautifully rendered in three dimensions by adult games developers. You may have heard or played some of the previous popular adult games like Sexy Beach 3, 7 Sins, Artificial Girl 3, BoneTown, or one of our previous Hentai Flash Games collection in 2009 from our Adult Games Category; they have been giving players unlimited pleasure along with new sex techniques to surprise their partners to orgasm- some couples claimed playing adult games together helped them once again come to level up their sex scenes and bond their relationship even further.

Consider these addicting games as educational by watch and learn and only put these adult sex games into practice where they are accepted and begged for.

1. Thorough Real-Time 3D Fantasy ''SKUNK''
Thorough Real-Time 3D Fantasy ''SKUNK''

2. Spera Damno. Act.3 "Artemis"
Spera Damno. Act.3 "Artemis"

3. SKUNK2 Half-elf & mage edition (ver1.04-eng)
SKUNK2 Half-elf & mage edition (ver1.04-eng)

4. Sex Match
Sex Match

5. Keeley - Good Sex Game
Keeley - Good Sex Game

6. Clara Ravens and Two Mercenary Thugs
Clara Ravens and Two Mercenary Thugs

7. Lisette

8. SexSim

9. Lulu's Sex Course
Lulu's Sex Course

10. Download and see it for yourself!

Let’s all again be warned these are: addicting games, boobs games, sex games, adult games, adult flash games and are only for 18+ or else browse other games as we have many categories to fit everyone’s fun time.

(TB 1GB/link)

(iMirror - BU)

(iMirror - UL)

(iMirror - For backup only)
This is encrypted: ***

Release detail:

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3D Girls Forever (18+)

Game has the tremendous drawing, the main feature is the professional erotic soundtrack. Also you will be pleasantly surprised with the big variety of sexual poses which will embody all your erotic imaginations in a reality.
You should choose the girl on the taste or it is possible several, and have a good time on how many your imagination will allow. The sensation of presence at game process delights and gives to the gamer unforgettable pleasure. All restrictions and censorship completely are absent.

3D Girls Forever

Name: 3D Girls Forever
Version: 1.1
Year: 2010
Type: 3D, Simulator, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Lesbians
Editor: 3dgirlz
Platform: PC / Windows
Interface language: English
Censorship: No
Tablet: Inside
Size: 144.2 Mb

- Mad 3D a cursor
- A wide choice of characters (both girls, and guys)
- A huge choice of various poses at partners
- A qualitative soundtrack
- Realistic effect of presence

Minimum System Requirements for 3D Girls Forever:
* Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7
* 2.4GHz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon64 2800+, Intel/AMD 1.8GHz Dual Core Processor or better
* 512 Mb RAM (or higher)
* NVIDIA GeForce 5800 or better, ATI Radeon 9800Pro or better
* 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
* 160 MB free hard disk space
* 3D Girls Forever runs in resolutions 1024x768 and higher.




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Fate/Stay Night - 1M Edition

Genre: Other
: Type-Moon
: Type-Moon
Also known as: Fate: stay night 1M Edition

The story takes place in an ordinary Japanese town, Fuyuki City. Hidden from society, there has been a deadly war going on in this town. Seven sorcerers known as Masters summon a powerful familiar called Servants and they all fight each other till the last one. The last one is said to attain the Holy Grail which will grant them a wish. Only a few knows when this War started and what the Holy Grail is, but the war was about to begin again this year.

The main character is Emiya Shirou, who lost his parents in a fire and was adopted by a man who called himself a sorcerer. Admiring his step father, he has been training himself to be a sorcerer. However, he had no talent and he could barely use one type of sorcery. His step father has already passed away, and today he's a sorcerer without any skills or knowledge. He is involved in the War of the Holy Grail when he accidentally summons Saber, who is said to be the strongest servant of all...

Warning: This game contains erotic scenes! However, it focuses mostly on the great story, so these scenes are not the focus! If you can't handle nudity, then please don't download because I don't want to hear you cry about it!

Fate/Stay Night - 1M Edition
  • Well here's the full game. The problem with the official installer is that it was in full japanese, and if you wanted the voices you had to download an entire PS2 game and the wait for a couple hours while the patcher added the voices. You can avoid that entirely with my installer because I've done it all for you.

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(Illusion) Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari (Updated)

The game comes in two different files and consist of two programs. The blue program (JS_3 Make) is to create a female character or clothing. The orange program (JS_3 Play) is used to load the female and play the game. The player must start using the Make file to create a female character before she can play.

(Illusion) Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari (Updated)

(Illusion) Artificial Girl 3 + Hannari (Updated)
Clean All-In-One Full-English-Installer

::: Content :::
Game Discs:
Artificial Girl 3
Artificial Girl 3 Privilege Disc (AG3 bonus disc)
Artificial Girl 3 Hannari (AG3 expansion)
Artificial Girl 3 Hannari Privilege Disc (AG3 expansion bonus disc)
Official Clothes Add-On(s):
Esk & Bael
Pants Festival (All 29 models)

-Artificial Girl 3 Hannari [all-in-one] mod-pack [v3.0]
-Illusion Wizzard v046

(Turbobit 1GB/link)

(iMirror - Uploaded)

(iMirror - iFile)

(iMirror - Backup-Only)
This is encrypted: ***

Release detail:

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Final Fantasy X - My Yuna (18+)

Final Fantasy X - My Yuna (18+)

Year of manufacture: 2009
Censorship: Yes
Platform: PC/Windows
Publication Type: Original
Language: Japanese & English - English text and original sound
Size: 383 MB


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VirtualFem™ 18+

Virtual Fem
{"Use as backup purpose only"}

VirtualFem™ lets you interact with a very cute girl, and tell her what to do. A Virtual Girlfriend who lives inside your computer; she will do anything you ask, understands plain English, and speaks to you out loud! Clever usage of high-quality full-motion video makes VirtualFems come to life!

Software Requirements:
Windows98/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista or Windows7 and Windows Media Player

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Love You Now (18+)

  • An intense sexual experience with Yuna
    We've included breast-rubbing, fellatio, titty-fucking, bukkake, cumming-inside-her...everything you could possibly desire!
  • Choose from 2 different scenarios
  • Forced stripping, violent breast-play, and aggressive thrusting in the "Seme (attack) Version"
  • Seductive fellatio, orgasmic titty-fucking, and naive sex in the "Uke (receptive) Version"
  • The stories are both completely different, so there's double the fun!
  • Each version is fully voiced
  • This time isn't just gasping and moaning -- we've included a fully voiced script!
  • Real voices combined with rich expressions really make this production come alive!
screen1screen 2

Download link(s):


(15+ hosting)


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Princess Waltz - 1M Edition (English)

Princess Waltz 1M Edition (English)
{"Use as backup purpose only"}

Release Date: December 10, 2008
Exclusively on: PC
Genre: Other Adventure
Publisher: Peach Princess
Developer: PullTop

The Princess Waltz - a dance of whirling blades held to find the princess worthy of becoming queen of Seven Central in the fantasy world of Eldelant. You are Fukamori Arata, and you know nothing of princesses or waltzes. In fact, your daily life in modern Japan couldn't be any more ordinary - you live with your mother and sister, are woken daily by your childhood friend to go to school, and live a generally full but normal life surrounded by a gang of rowdy classmates. When rumors start circulating about a transfer student to your class, you don't pay much attention - princes from foreign lands don't study abroad here in this day and age, do they?

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Biko 3 [English & Uncensored] 18+

The third game in Biko series is once again a 3D "stalking simulator". You control Takumi, an ordinary Japanese guy who likes following and observing pretty girls. Your goal is to "conquer" five girls, in one of the two possible ways: either to have a relationship with them and to win their love, or to stalk them successfully and to rape them. To do that, you have to walk, run, and crouch in order to remain unnoticed for a certain time.

The five girls are: the dark-haired schoolgirl Rin; the redhead nurse Reiko; the blond ninja Chris; the uniformed waitress Mayu; and Mio, who is a miko (a girl who serves in a Japanese shinto shrine).

Biko 3 [English & Uncensored][3].jpg (320×500)

* Complete uncensoring of all the 3D sex-scenes and extra-scenes
* High definition textures
* Uncensoring of CG stills (thanks, zk1111!!)
* Includes the previous English patch and No_CD patch (thanks, 3DHGAME team!)

Download link(s):

(extabit 500MB/link) CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part1.rar CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part2.rar CD1-2.iso_gameloo.part3.rar

(iMirror - uploaded)

(iMirror – netload)

(iMirror - billionuploads)

(For backup only)
This is encrypted: ***


Uncensored patch (included in the main download):

Or 15+ hostings:

Readme.txt Contents

By Alessi & Took
This is the Mk.I version of the definitive Biko3 uncensored patch.
This patch must be used ONLY over a fresh and unpatched version of Biko3,
as it includes the english and no_cd patch already in existence,
so no more patching is needed.

* readme.txt - this file
* Biko3Fix.exe - fix utility
* Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe - patch utility
* bk3_Yellow.b3f - complete savegame (optional)

1. Fresh-install the game only. DONT APPLY ANY PATCH.
1. Unpack the contents in a temp folder (i.e.: C:\temp)
2. Copy the two executable files, Biko3Fix.exe and Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe,
to the installation folder of the game (i.e.: C:\Biko3\)
3. Execute the fix utility (Biko3Fix.exe). This will take a couple of seconds.
4. Execute the patch (Biko3UEPatchMkI.exe).
Follow the instructions, and wait until the patching process ends (can take some time).
5. Done.
Next, run the game, using the newly created NewBiko3.exe.
OPTIONAL: You can copy the file bk3_Yellow.b3f included here to the \data folder (i.e.: C:\Biko3\data\) for unlocking all the CGs and end scenes.

* Fixing some mesh problem issues in Rin rape-scene (doggy pose).
* Add dicks?

Thanks to zk1111, for her magnificent work uncensoring some CG still images!
Thanks to Aman, for helping me fixing the 3d objects in no time!
Thanks to the guys of 3DHGAME (specially Ryuu and zsee6) for all the previous work done...
And thanks to all people that helps in the creation of this patch, in one way or another.

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VirtuaGirl HD v1.0.1.1 FULL (29 Full shows Models)

VIRTUAGIRL HD v1.0.1.1 FULL (29 Full shows Models)
{"Use as backup purpose only"}

  • License: Free Software
  • Unlimited daily free updates included
  • No adware, no spyware, no virus,
    certified 100% clean.
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32 bit color
  • Release date: July 10, 2009
  • File size: 95MB*77
  • Version:


screen 1screen 2 
screen 3screen 4

Download link(s):


(iMirror – megaupload)

No pass

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Tifa Sex Game (18+)

3D PC GAME of Tifa from FFVII in Hardcore Act you've neverseen before!
Never released in public!
The Image Cover speaks for itself!
You won't resist the temptation :) (see the boobs?)
No need for any software program, only runs with Flash Media Player which automatically installed in all Internet Explorers.

Get one while stock still lasts!
You won't regret it!

Tifa Sex Game (18+)

Okay, now i have something very special for you...
A full version of the Tifa sex game! That means that the Wet, the Normal, AND the Abnormal version is included!!

At all its 1,17 Gigabyte big and includs 94 different flash animations!
Oh, did I mention, that the graphic is fuc*ing awesome?
Click on the Images for a bigger View!

screen 1screen 2screen 3
screen 4screen 5screen 6
screen 7screen 9screen 9
screen 10
screen 11screen 12
screen 13
screen 14screen 15
screen 16screen 17screen 18
screen 19screen 20image

Download link(s):

(iMirror - Rapidshare)

(iMirror - Jumbofiles)

(For backup only)
This is encrypted: ***

Password: maistod

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